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Date: Sun, 30 Jul 95 14:47:09 -0500

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>On Fri, 28 Jul 1995 wrote:

>> I've seen that one. But my fave SK spot on TCN is the "Kat Kamera"
>> interview with T-Bone and Razor.

> Hold mean there's new 'Kat dialogue? Who was the subject
>of this Konversation - one of the villians, Feral? Turner??

It's all done from the POV of a video viewfinder (labeled "Helmet Cam", ala
David Letterman) belonging to some unseen interviewer who drops onto the
wing of the TuboKat in flight. The video has superimposed 'snow' and other
video effects, along with clips from the show. The interviewer asks T-Bone
and Razor several questions and, yes, there's new dialog. And pretty
funny, too! After the interviewer falls off the plane:

        T-bone: "Nice guy."
        Razor: "Lotta guts."
        T-bone: "Hey, good grip, too!"

They mostly talk about what it's like to be Swat Kats, with lots of shots
of the TuboKat in action, along with a few clips of villians (but no other
characters). It's a long promo, too (about 2 minutes). I've managed to
get all of it except the very beginning. Great stuff!

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