New Kat Kommercial on TCN

From: Ian Lynn <>
Date: Fri, 28 Jul 95 08:18:27 CDT

Anybody else caught these?? Anybody else watch the Cartoon network??
Nothing terribly special about them, except the fact that apparently
someone at TCN is putting forth the effort to advertise the show.
I've seen two different ones, first was the clips from "The Ghost Pilot",
ending with the dog fight between the guys and the Red Lynx, and as
Razor launches the missle that sinks the Lynx in his original plane,
it freeze frames on the Lynx looking over his shoulder and says:
"Kitty Litter". The second has clips from "The Giant Bacteria",
and ends with one of the 3 Bacteria swallowing one of the missiles,
and has a phrase that I'm drawing a complete blank on right now.

Just thought it was interesting that after all the bad stuff going
on at the company, someone had the nerve to put together a couple of
commerecials for a defunct show (of course a good percentage of whats
on TCN is defunct, but...)

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