Re: New Kat Kommercial on TCN

From: Ian Lynn <>
Date: Fri, 28 Jul 95 09:47:06 CDT

> BTW, 'Kats moves on TCN to a new timeslot starting August sixth and
>running to Sept 1st. It'll be on at 6pm EST M-F, and I'm not sure about
>the CMT and PST timezones.

That's kinda interesting, since I think they've only made it through
"G-Force" twice (currently occupying the 6:00EST timeslot). Where as
they went through all the Jonny Quest (circa 60's, and unfortuantly the
'70s) several times, but I guess there were far fewer JQ than G-force.
They could have went with a 6:30 timeslot and done awy with the JQ
replacement "Gozilla & Godzooky".I will be more than happy with the
replacement though. Does this mean that we will get to see a complete run
of the existing episodes??

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