Action figures and the publicity....

From: Ian Lynn <>
Date: Tue, 20 Jun 95 09:53:55 CDT

I agree that the Kats are getting pushed under the rug on alot of things,
but I'm not sure about the toy end of things. Let's take another example:
the new series of Star Wars figures and ships. Now I don't get all
of the trade papers, but I know I haven't seen any commercials for them,
their due out about the same time as the SK, and I don't know of
any reason that Lucas and Co. wouldn't want to start promoting these thing.
I know some toys get promoted far in advance, but I think generally it's
much closer to the actual release date. I can't think of the last time
i saw a ST:TNG commercial, yet they continue to put out figures and sell like
crazy (yes, I realize SK don't have the following of the ST shows).

I'd give Kenner or whomever (anyone know for sure) is making them (hope it's
not Kenner after seeing some recent Batman stuff) a little more time to start
the push. Plus with all the net noise (Andy!!) and the SK month on the CN,
I'm sure they'll do fine.


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