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Date: Tue, 20 Jun 95 9:15:28 PDT

Some time ago we were discussing on the list how Lieutenant Steele's
name was spelled (Steel, Stele, Steele, etc). After copying a several
episodes for a fellow lister, I've discovered something that seems
contradictory -- and perhaps I'll put this in the FAQ.

In the episode "The Wrath of Dark Kat," Steele says his name is spelled
with "two e's", which would make it either "Steel" or "Stele". In the
episode "Enter the Madkat," however, Steele's name is clearly spelled as
"Steele" on the name placard he puts on Commander Feral's desk, knocking
Feral's placard to the floor.

(For those of you who don't remember who Steele is, he only appeared
during the first season and was Feral's subordinate Kat who was always
after his job -- tho he couldn't handle combat very well.)

While we're on the subject of name placards - has anyone noticed that
Feral apparently has at least two different types of name placards?

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