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I am in the toy biz and received the current issue of The Toy Book. There were
some interesting bits about Turner and very little bits on the Kats. The
following are taken from the various articles, pulling out those items that are
associated with Turner.

And I quote
        "Peter Van Raalte, vice president for domestic sales, licensing and
merchandising at Turner Home Entertainment, feels that its becoming more
difficult for licensed properites to reach consumers. "Retailers are choosing
fewer properties with huge scop," he explains. "THey are looking for major
event properties-TV, movies, publishing."
        Frederika Brookfield, manager of public relations for Turner, says the
company has realized that there is a tremendous equity in its brands as
classics. "Our future licenses will be classics."
        For Van Raalte, a license that translates to a focus audience and is
interpreted on quality products that you can build upon for many years is a
successful one. "Turner is building on brands," he notes, "We may have an event
property, but we keep it alive with promotions and new designs."
        "A successful license is a product that creates enough awareness and
enough demand to sell other toys in its image and non-toys as well," states
marty Abrams fo Abrams and Gentile Entertainment. "if you can't sell the toy,
you may not even be able to sell the other stuff around it.

Back to Me!! - interesting comments, with some names that have not been listed
in this forum before. There is also a listing on licensing highlights, which I
will list the Turner section. There is alot of animation due out in the next
year. Alot from Japan and alot of it with violence present, and an equal
balance of non-violent.

Jonny QUest, Tom and Jerry, Cave Kids, World Championship Wrestling, Swat Kats

Turner Home Entertainment is introducing "The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest"
for this Licensing Show. THe new show which is part of Hanna-Barbera Cartoon
Sutdios relaunch strategy, will feature 65 brand-new half -hour episodes
supported by all three Turner networks. The show will be backed by a
global-licensing and merchandising program in catagories such as toys, quick
service and other promotions, gifts, apparel, domestics, home furninsings,
back-to-school and retail tie-ins, along with a line of home videos,
interactive products, juvenile books from Bedrock Press and on-line offerings.
        In addition, the company has granted Schmid a license to develop three
new programs to create gift and collectivle products based on "Tom & Jerry",
the Cartoon Netowrk and such classic films as Doctor Zhivago and Little Women.
        The Cave Kids is the first-ever extension to the Flintsotnes. World
Champioship Wrestling's licensing program continues with master toy licensee
The Original San Fransisco Toymakers, as does Swat Kats, with master to
licensee Remco.

That is the full Turner associated text. I can give anyone who wants, more
details on the lisings for the fall and spring, but the above are the only
mentions of the Kats.


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