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Date: Sun, 18 Jun 1995 22:37:51 -0400 (EDT)

On Sun, 18 Jun 1995 Andy Hill writes:

>That's Dr. Abby Sinian (remember? "Abyssinian" from prev. post?)

DOH! <sorry, wasn't paying close enough attention>

>Uh huh. I'll remember that next time I hear Turner make public
>comments concerning the non-violent aspect of his stuff. People
>like the realistic consequences in "SwatKats", his own production
>team carried that aspect forward into "Jonny", yet the rumour
>persists that 'KATS got killed because of violence issues?

It seems that "Jonny" should be more of an obstacle to get past the
censors & non-violent whackos... with the realistic _human_
characters getting killed in nasty ways.

I just don't understand -- and it's really frustrating! The whole
point of entertainment television is ENTERTAINMENT, not "let's have
everyone learn a valuable lesson for today." TVs whole embodiment
is that of escapism (with the exception of TV news, which is far
more violent than _any_ cartoon I've ever seen). If the higher-ups
(i.e. PC poloticians) had their way, there'd be NO violence on TV
ever. TV would soon vanish and people would be back to books, which
have as much if not more violent acts depicted in them (you just
need a little more imagination to pull the words together into an
idea). In a world where children are exposed to so much through TV
news, COPS, and documentaries on weapons, wars & the general
depravity of human-kind; a little escapism in which the "good guys"
win and the "bad guys" lose (and return again next week) can't
_really_ be that bad. You can't tell me that little Mikey went
outside and committed an act of violence against his next door
neighbor because he saw Razor shoot a grappling missle at a baddie.
 Come on, Ted! I think we have enough common-sense to tell the
difference between fantasy & reality!

Now back to the regularly scheduled topic...

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