Re: Size, Tails, Turner-bugging

Date: Sun, 18 Jun 1995 22:14:45 -0400 (EDT)

>This guy I was talking to hasn't returned my calls, and I
>have a feeling I may have a fairly large black checkmark
>beside my name because of how critical of the Turner org
>I've been in the newsgroups.

>Heh. I get the feeling I may be in the same league as having
>a reputation for being a general troublemaker since I know I've
>done a few things that may have rubbed the Turner org's fur
>the wrong way (the last FAQ I posted to the net is an example).
>I can imagine calling HB and trying to talk to the same person
>that Andy's been talking to (if he actually answers, that is):

Hmmm.. I was watching SCI-FI Buzz this evening and someone had
called in a "Buzz Best Bet" telling all the great stuff about
Gargoyles. As the phone recorded message of the _obvious_ fan was
playing, shots of the show were playing. This gave me an idea! I
thought about calling SCI-FI Buzz and letting them know about SK to
try to get it labelled as a "best bet". They mentioned someone
contacted them through AOL (although didn't give the e-mail address)
and there must also be a way to contact them by phone (also not
given). I'm sure if they got calls from me, Andy, Dana, et. al.
they'd almost be obligated to put it on the air! And since SCI-FI
channel is owned by USA networks, Turner can't really do much about


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