Size, Tails, Turner-bugging

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Date: Sun, 18 Jun 1995 09:27:14 -0400

- This guy I was talking to hasn't returned my calls, and I have
- a feeling I may have a fairly large black checkmark beside my name
- because of how critical of the Turner org I've been in the
- newsgroups.

-Heh. I get the feeling I may be in the same league as having a reputation
-for being a general troublemaker since I know I've done a few things
-that may have rubbed the Turner org's fur the wrong way (the last FAQ I
-posted to the net is an example). I can imagine calling HB and trying
-to talk to the same person that Andy's been talking to (if he actually
-answers, that is):

-"Hi, my name is Dana Uehara and I..."

So, they know Dana's name. And they know Andy's name.

But they don't know Sam's name.

Y'know, boys, you can get surprisingly far with a "Doctor" in front of your
name. ;)

-Felix: urm, how big are the Kats? I was going to say, they're probably
- about human-size, because the proportions of their jets match
- human jets, but this depends on too many aeronautic variables I
- don't know anything about.

Oboy, *science*!! (*flexing muscles*)

Whooaaa, waitaminute here. What's this about proportion? I've never seen
a Kat jet up against a human jet. The TurboKat might be three inches high.
Or it might be five hundred feet high. There's no way of telling how big
the Kats are, because we have no idea if the planet they are on is heavy
gravity or light, if indeed it's not this one. From the way the TurboKat is
able to maneuver so swiftly, it makes me wonder if they aren't smaller.

But that's no fun to think about. I want'em my size, too.

-But this could be why we call them "Kats" and not simply "cats". Doc
-Konway was helpful enough to define a "Kat" as "an anthropomorphic
-feline who comes from a society slightly more technologically advanced
-than our own."

He asked me this at 12:30 AM on a Monday morning. I'm glad I was able to
come up with an intelligent answer!

-... but on the mucks (where I play Razor) I have Razor at
-5'7", which is (as it turns out) my height.

And he needs to put some meat on his bones! Dana, you too skinny!! Eat
up, Mangia, we make-a you nice and fat!

-Just out of curiosity, does anyone know -- or have any ideas for -- a
-design of the Ejektor Seats to accommodate tails? With the way the
-Ejektor Seats appear to be designed, I'm kinda surprised the Kats don't
-get tail cramps every time they're in the Turbokat.

Ever see a cat sitting? He curls his tail very neatly around one leg. I
sorta imagine the Kats automatically curling their tails around the side of
their right thighs (or opposite for lefties!) when they sit down.

-The technology they have in Megakat City would, I imagine, be more than
-enough for them to kill prey without having to stalk it.

Yeah, but what fun is that? ;)

Samuel Conway
Senior Kat-Analyzing Chemist
Avid Therapeutics
Philadelphia, PA

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