Re: Size, Tails, Turner-bugging

From: Andy Hill <>
Date: Sun, 18 Jun 1995 11:16:38 -0700 (PDT)

On Sun, 18 Jun 1995 wrote:

> So, they know Dana's name. And they know Andy's name.
> But they don't know Sam's name.
> Y'know, boys, you can get surprisingly far with a "Doctor" in front of your
> name. ;)

     The really frustrating thing about this whole deal is that the
Turner org may not _realize_ how many people are into this show. If
r.a.a.,, this list and my phone and e-mail conversations
are any indication - 'KATS is right up there with the best of 'em.
Turner org is still a bit archaic in terms of information gathering, and
they still base viewership on letters they receive. That's fine, but
many people are shy about posting/writing and their views are never
heard. The others of us that write letters and rack up our long distance
bills run the risk of being labelled "obsessive fans", like some cretin
in my mailbox with a bogus return add. Sorry, cannot complete call as
dialed - no obsessive fanboy here, I just want to make sure Turner knows
how big the iceberg _really_ is before he melts it. Write letters guys,
even if you have to glue yourself to a desk and sell pencils out of a tin
cup to come up with the cash for a stamp.

> Oboy, *science*!! (*flexing muscles*)
> But that's no fun to think about. I want'em my size, too.

     Actually, this is a bit specious, but since they use days, hours,
and "glops per minute", I think it's safe to assume feet and inches are
the same as well. Falk obviously thought so, as his idea for the human
spacecrew of Mutilor's ship had them scaled 1:1 with the 'KAT guys.
Speaking of that, if Razor's about 5'5" - 5'7", that makes Felina Feral
positively Amazonian!

> -But this could be why we call them "Kats" and not simply "cats". Doc
> -Konway was helpful enough to define a "Kat" as "an anthropomorphic
> -feline who comes from a society slightly more technologically advanced
> -than our own."
> He asked me this at 12:30 AM on a Monday morning. I'm glad I was able to
> come up with an intelligent answer!

     I like this definition, and I think it'd make a keen addition to the
FAQ, with attribtion, for those who will recognize the name from
"Mutation City".

     Also, the newsgroup? Since a little knowledge is a dangerous thing,
I'll stalk my prey in alt. config for a bit longer, but I _really_ need
this thing up before the TCN promotion and the TBS timeslot change begins
in July - so it might get Tom Servo'd; any comments from the
netiquette-oriented folks appreciated, I'm personally a bit of an
anarchist in case you missed it, and my definition of patience above and
beyond the call of duty is waiting the five minutes for the microwave
bell to ring.


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