Re: Finally, non-administrivia Kat-stuff!

From: Andy Hill <>
Date: Sun, 18 Jun 1995 10:44:14 -0700 (PDT)

On Sat, 17 Jun 1995, Dana Uehara wrote:

> I get the impression that as far as Turner is concerned, the Kats are
> as good as dead. Tho it doesn't want to simply yank the series (I assume
> for fear of retaliation, if anything -- yeah, I know -- WHAT retaliation?)
> but instead phase it out.
> This guy I was talking to hasn't returned my calls, and I have
> a feeling I may have a fairly large black checkmark beside my name
> because of how critical of the Turner org I've been in the
> newsgroups.
> Heh. I get the feeling I may be in the same league as having a reputation
> for being a general troublemaker since I know I've done a few things
> that may have rubbed the Turner org's fur the wrong way (the last FAQ I
> posted to the net is an example). I can imagine calling HB and trying
> to talk to the same person that Andy's been talking to (if he actually
> answers, that is):
> "Hello."
> "Hi, my name is Dana Uehara and I..."
> *click*

    Yeah, I used to be paranoid, until I realized everyone just thought I
was. I just found out today that TCN tends to focus on one of it's shows
every now and then - this month is evidently "Space Ghost", and next will
be "SwatKats" in July, so it isn't necessarily anything "special" for the
'KAT guys, maybe it's just "their turn".

  The "Michael" guy that occasionally answers the H-B
phone instead of Mark was quite, well.."hostile" when I mentioned
internet and SwatKats in the same breath, and actually had to call Turner
HQ for instructions before answering any questions (while I was on hold;
long distance yet). It's mid-June, and like I said earlier - no press of
any description on the upcoming merchandise - just my stuff on Internet,
and some fan-articles in magazines and the like. If I had the damn cash,
I'd take out a full page article in the trades encouraging people to
write, and including information on the list and the newsgroup. As it
is, I'll try and get this info appended to the end of the Animato!
article's second part, in August I believe.

> than our own." I don't know what T-Bone's and Razor's heights would be
> by our standards, but on the mucks (where I play Razor) I have Razor at
> 5'7", which is (as it turns out) my height.

    I guessed about that height for Razor, and about 6' or 6'1" for T-Bone.
Interesting aside, this follows suit for the traditional H-B pairings of
shorter and taller that've been the norm for most of their stuff over
the years.


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