Finally, non-administrivia Kat-stuff!

From: Dana Uehara <duehara_at_cisk.atmos.Ucla.EDU>
Date: Sat, 17 Jun 95 22:55:37 PDT

Okay, it looks like today will be the least chaotic day I have, so I'll
post something that doesn't involve administrivia, but includes actual
commentary (and some of it lighthearted, even! <grin>).

Ian: An episode where the boys go to the MegaKat city ZOO!!!!
      That could put an end to everyones wondering.

I can imagine Doctor Viper going there and having a field day with one
of the Katalyst mutagens. The closest he's gotten (that I know of) is
the episode "Mutation City," where Viper goes to a pet shop and turns
a frog into a deadly mutant. (This means that we at least know that
some Kats keep frogs as pets...)

Andy: The TCN promotion is still happening, but every effort by either
       the Tremblays or people at H-B is being stonewalled.

I get the impression that as far as Turner is concerned, the Kats are
as good as dead. Tho it doesn't want to simply yank the series (I assume
for fear of retaliation, if anything -- yeah, I know -- WHAT retaliation?)
but instead phase it out.

       This guy I was talking to hasn't returned my calls, and I have
       a feeling I may have a fairly large black checkmark beside my name
       because of how critical of the Turner org I've been in the

Heh. I get the feeling I may be in the same league as having a reputation
for being a general troublemaker since I know I've done a few things
that may have rubbed the Turner org's fur the wrong way (the last FAQ I
posted to the net is an example). I can imagine calling HB and trying
to talk to the same person that Andy's been talking to (if he actually
answers, that is):

"Hi, my name is Dana Uehara and I..."

Well, I doubt if it's that bad, but I certainly don't expect to be on
Turner's Christmas card list, at the very least.

Felix: urm, how big are the Kats? I was going to say, they're probably
        about human-size, because the proportions of their jets match
        human jets, but this depends on too many aeronautic variables I
        don't know anything about.

I'd say the Kats have the same growth hormone (abnormality?) that makes
Alvin and the Chipmunks nearly human-sized. ;-)

But this could be why we call them "Kats" and not simply "cats". Doc
Konway was helpful enough to define a "Kat" as "an anthropomorphic
feline who comes from a society slightly more technologically advanced
than our own." I don't know what T-Bone's and Razor's heights would be
by our standards, but on the mucks (where I play Razor) I have Razor at
5'7", which is (as it turns out) my height.

        well, you can extrapolate some odd effects from having fur.

Uh-oh, a furgonomics question. ;-)
Just out of curiosity, does anyone know -- or have any ideas for -- a
design of the Ejektor Seats to accommodate tails? With the way the
Ejektor Seats appear to be designed, I'm kinda surprised the Kats don't
get tail cramps every time they're in the Turbokat.

And as far as Kats hunting -- why would they need hunting dogs or birds?
The technology they have in Megakat City would, I imagine, be more than
enough for them to kill prety without having to stalk it.

I'm curious to how a Kat (Kitten, in particular) would react to a string
dangling from someone else's shirt. ;-)

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"I was raised to always offer my seat to a lady..." -- Razor

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