Re: Things that inhale and exhale in MegaKat City...\

Date: Sat, 17 Jun 1995 23:52:20 -0400 (EDT)

On Sat, 17 Jun 1995 Andy Hill writes:
> Yeah, hearing this reminds me of "Caverns of Horror" as well,
>where we have "Tiger Conklin", the pit boss - who's _actually_ a
>tiger. I can't recall, but does Mayor Manx have a tail? After
>all, "Manx" is a tailless species, no? Some of the names are

Mayor Manx *does* have a tail.

>pretty cool - I guess this is fairly obvious, but they all are
>some species of cat or related - like "Abbyssinian" (Dr. Abby
>Sinian), "Calico" (Callie Briggs), "Angora" (Anne Gora) and others
>like Chance "Fur"-long and Jake "Claw"-son, including my personal
>favourite, Dr. Leiter Greenbox (as in Kittylitter Green-box).

Let's not forget about Litterbin, Mac & Molly Mange (eww..), and
what was the name of the Dr. at the museum in "Ghost Pilot"?

Which brings to mind a lot of other kat related references...
Wasn't there a "drug-deal" or something at the beginning of the
"Metallikats" ep.? I can't remember, but did the mobsters refer to
it as "kat-nip"?


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