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Felix: I wonder if T-Bone ever hovers the Turbokat above Razor with the
        ladder _just_ out of reach.

Well, it'd give Razor some exercise, if nothing else. <grin>

        oh hey. did the Secret Files of the Swat Kats give dimensions
        for the Turbokat?

No linear dimensions that I know of, other than:
- Top speed is Mach 5 (4500 mph)
- Range: 1000 miles

Andy: Actually, this is a bit specious, but since they use days, hours,
       and "glops per minute", I think it's safe to assume feet and
       inches are the same as well.

Not to mention that the Kats also use the metric system. Case in point
is the episode "The Metallikats," when Razor is tracking the Relentless
Missile which the Metallikats fired at the Turbokat... "Twenty meters
and closing..."

Matt: [The Sci-Fi Channel] mentioned someone contacted them through AOL
       (although didn't give the e-mail address) and there must also be
       a way to contact them by phone (also not given).

Well, whoever it was, it sure wasn't me (for one, I'm not on AOL, and for
another, I'm causing enough trouble on the list so I'm staying kinda low
on the net for a while ;-)...

       And since SCI-FI channel is owned by USA networks, Turner can't
       really do much about it!

Umm, I wouldn't say that. If Turner owns the rights to the series (since
it owns HB) I'd say there's plenty that Turner could do.

       TVs whole embodiment is that of escapism (with the exception of
       TV news, which is far more violent than _any_ cartoon I've ever

TV news sensationalizes violence. Why else would you see such stuff like
O.J. Simpson, Tonya Harding/Nancy Kerrigan (and etc.) on it? Animation
in general is indeed a means of escapism, and it's one of the reasons I
watch it a lot. Some time ago we discussed on the list how the Kat
weaponry was designed to subdue criminals, rather than simply blast them
out of the sky (and we're talking only about the SWAT Kats, not the

SK getting canned because it was too violent sounds just as ludicrous
for SK getting canned because of its lack of merchandising. And yes,
I think Turner's rapidly running out of excuses.

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