Re: 'KATS aren't the only things breathing in Mkat City...

From: Felix Lee <>
Date: Sat, 17 Jun 1995 06:17:54 -0400

Ian Lynn:
> I would assume they raise the cows for food, so maybe they stay away
> from rodent-based dinners (too high in fat).

urm, how big are the Kats? I was going to say, they're probably about
human-size, because the proportions of their jets match human jets,
but this depends on too many aeronautic variables I don't know
anything about. (and their atmospheric density probably makes a

well, assume they're human-sized (and standard atmosphere) for
simplicity. they probably domesticate some horse-like critter. hmm,
an emu comes to mind. but I don't know if emus are versatile enough.

oh what the hell. if they're human-sized, give them every
human-domesticated critter too.

well, you can extrapolate some odd effects from having fur. you don't
need lapdogs to keep you warm. maybe you don't need any dogs at all.
those claws don't look very vestigial. a naked Kat could probably
stalk and kill a gazelle with average success.

but it's still useful to have hunting dogs, because they're more
expendable. or maybe they use hunting birds?

maybe Kats have an extensive range of domesticated birds. emus,
falcons, gryphons, hens, etc. that's why they have choppers and jets
flying through the city all the time. it's because they have a
heritage of avian support.

but in that case, there aren't enough civilian aircraft. oh well.

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