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> There are a lot of puns in Swat Kats, as we all know, though some of them
> are more obscure than others. "The Blue Manx" was (I thought) a very clever
> pun on "The Blue Max", which was a medal awarded to World War I flying
> aces in Germany.
> Just thought I'd broaden your horizons.

    Yes! I caught that - it's one of the reasons I really like this ep -
although technically the Red Lynx and the Blue Manx should've technically
been Megawar I fighter aces rather than "II" - considering how advanced
the Turbokat and the new Enforcer jet were compared to Lynx's plane.
"Blue Max" was also a great movie on WWI flying aces starring George
Peppard in the '60's. The "Red Lynx" is likely a takeoff on the "Red
Baron" (no, not the Snoopy version), who was likely the best pilot in the
First World War - but got shot down anyway, and died from gravity poisoning.

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