'KAT fan as well as thief with good taste...

From: Andy Hill <chance_at_unix.infoserve.net>
Date: Fri, 26 May 1995 19:43:48 -0700 (PDT)

     Turner should have been taking notes when something happened a bit
on the illegal side which was more telling than any H-B cartoon
popularity poll could've. Seems that there are a number of huge banners
outside H-B featuring all of the characters through the ages, up to and
including the SwatKats - until recently, that is. Some enterprising soul
walked right by all the other ones, and stole only the one for "SwatKats"!
This is one dedicated 'KATS fan, these things are apparently as big as
the side of a building, and have got to weigh quite a bit to boot - this
dude must've wanted it _badly_. I suppose this is what happens when
"people weren't buying enough merchandise" - they simply steal it; at
least they know where to lay their mitts on at least one "licensed" product!

     Secondly, one good thing about doubling the national debt with your
long distance bill is that you get the perspective on the animation world
from quite a few different points of view. Guess what? There are a
_lot_ of people that really like 'KATS out there, but we only get to hear
the ones with Internet access. I've got some ideas for advertising the
existence of the Internet fan group, and perhaps even "Katatonic" and the
"unofficial-soon-perhaps-to-be-official" fan club, but I want to make
sure I won't be treading on H-B's toes first. Of course, there's always
the "money" aspect as well - we'll see.

     BTW, someone was looking into creating a 'KATS newsgroup - where'd
we get to with that?

     "I'm a profiteer, you can be one too - working on _this_ show is the
      thing to do!" (with apologies to the "Captain Planet Singers"

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