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Date: Sat, 27 May 1995 00:34:58 -0400 (EDT)

The SWAT Kats newsletter will be hopefully comming along once I can get a hold
of this one guy at HB. Its amazing how Andy does it. The thing is I want to
get "The Unofficial SWAT Kats Fan Club" into being "The Official SWAT Kats Fan
Club." But first I have to get HB permission for it, and of course, I need to
get a hold of that guy at HB. Once this club becomes official, (I hope!!!)
there will be more stuff to follow as well. (I hope!!!) So, please be
paitient, the good things will come to those who wait. (I hope!!!)

For those who want to join "The Unofficial SWAT Kats Fan Club" please leave me
your real name and your snail mail address. These will be kept private.
Besides, the price of postage these days I won't be waisting my money on chain
letters or something like that. Also, send your email address to Dana. Once
you give me your real name and snail mail address and give your email address
to Dana your in for free. If we become official and there is a membership fee,
you will have the option to become official yourself or don't pay it and keep
doing what you have been doing on here. For those new commers that just got
on here, I am trying to get "The Unofficial SWAT Kats Fan Club" to become
official. If I can get that, Dana and I will be working very closely with the
people of HB. Who knows, If things become big enough there might be a SWAT
Kats Convention or something like that. Okay, so I plan big, may-be I'm
getting waaaaaay ahead of myself here. So so me for thinking big!!! :)

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