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> Whoa! Sorry for the confusion on my post! If you've seen the
> X-Files,
> Mulder's un-named helper is seen very little and is used mostly for
> plot
> enhancement, *not* as another main character. The closest _current_
> character in SK that I can think of is the Sergeant who is
> occasionally
> seen reporting to Feral. (Amazing how the Sgt.'s voice sounds so

    Wow. This is spookier that "spooky Fox" himself. A combination of
X-Files "Ice Pick" and a variation of this Sergeant-dude was _exactly_
what I had in mind when I suggested the extra character!

> Ya know, now that I think about what I'm typing here, I'm describing
> exactly what Callie does! (<doh!> hitting my forehead.)

    This was brought out by someone I talked to on the phone when I
outlined my new character, but I don't think it's necessarily true -
Callie certainly has her eyes on the "big picture", but I wanted the new
character to have a kind of "nuts and bolts" perspective from inside the
Enforcers, but high enough up in the ranks to have the occasion to report
directly to Feral.

> How about a new baddie from a different part of the planet? The
> focus
> is on such a small area (MegaKat City). I assume that katkind has
> covered
> the globe (i.e. the "Siamese" investors that Manx is always trying
> to
> woo into leasing office space). Maybe I'm stereotyping, but they
> appear
> to be "asian" to me (by the way where does Katsui TVs come from?)

    Oh yeah, the investors are _certainly_ asian, but it's just a general
dig at the Sony's and Matsushita's of the world on their buying spree for
American real estate and entertainment properties. We haven't really
seen anything outside of MegaKat City, but the investors and the accent
of "Turmoil" open the door for a wider game-board. "Katsui TV" only
exists in the fanfic and my imagination, it doesn't come from anywhere
official, although I had the Siamese 'KAT-investors in clear view when I
came up with it.

     Movie ideas? Kevin Knoles' scene with DarkKat grappling with a
seriously nasty invisible entity was outstanding - as was the device
with Razor firing misiles at it and hitting the building instead. You
could have Razor catch the glimpse of the entity mentioned, then react
out of some deep-seated "sixth sense" that the entity was indeed truly
horrible on some almost unconscious level, then have him in a further
scene try to explain the feeling. It'd work, and it would be quite
cool. The only problem with using the "invisible" new character in a
'KATS movie is that producers generally like to see a very "visual" type
of bad-guy, if the central plot is to center around conflict with it. I
_really_ like this idea, and since Kevin is off the 'net for the summer,
I'll write him and say so.


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