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Date: Fri, 26 May 1995 22:36:09 -0400 (EDT)

Sorry pal, it won't fly cause you will be concentrating on the new
hero than
the SWAT Kats. Its their movie and it should be them only with the
help of
If Razor and T-Bone are not the main characters in the movie then
forget it.
Besides, it will take more time in establishing a new character and
if they

If new supporting characters on the good-guy side are introduced
here, the
emphasis _must_ remain on the 'KAT guys, and such a new character's
real purpose is to assist the development of the story, not to focus
it on
other than the SwatKats.

Whoa! Sorry for the confusion on my post! If you've seen the
Mulder's un-named helper is seen very little and is used mostly for
enhancement, *not* as another main character. The closest _current_
character in SK that I can think of is the Sergeant who is
seen reporting to Feral. (Amazing how the Sgt.'s voice sounds so
much like
Robert Stack of Unsolved Mysteries.)

Ya know, now that I think about what I'm typing here, I'm describing
exactly what Callie does! (<doh!> hitting my forehead.)

>However I do agree with you about a new badguy

How about a new baddie from a different part of the planet? The
is on such a small area (MegaKat City). I assume that katkind has
the globe (i.e. the "Siamese" investors that Manx is always trying
woo into leasing office space). Maybe I'm stereotyping, but they
to be "asian" to me (by the way where does Katsui TVs come from?)

That's my $0.02 worth.

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