Swat Kats Movie

From: Matthew Milam <mcshade_at_pop03.ny.us.ibm.net>
Date: Tue, 23 May 1995 10:35:37 GMT

This is how i belive The Swat Kats Movie should go....

T-Bone and Razor face the utlimate danger.......a new evil........this evil
is so evil that it couldn't have been concived of by man kind.

He is named Katthis........his mission.......once every 500 years fight the
good in the world.........his first mission........kill the Swat Kats by
doing what they try to do best: Save the megakat city.

Can they do it??????????

Only they can and possibly a new warrior???????

Who is he or she????

Find out this fall when The Swat Kats go to there very first movie.

This fall "ALL SYSTEMS ARE GO!" are on the hottest film of the fall.


mcshade (matthew milam)

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