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From: Andy Hill <>
Date: Tue, 23 May 1995 08:12:26 -0700 (PDT)

On Tue, 23 May 1995, Matthew Milam wrote:

> This is how i belive The Swat Kats Movie should go....
> T-Bone and Razor face the utlimate danger.......a new evil........this evil
> is so evil that it couldn't have been concived of by man kind.


> He is named Katthis........his mission.......once every 500 years fight the
> good in the world.........his first mission........kill the Swat Kats by
> doing what they try to do best: Save the megakat city.

    Don't you mean "preventing them from doing what they do best"..?

> Can they do it??????????
> Only they can and possibly a new warrior???????

     This bit could be cool, but it could also weaken the storyline by
forcing regular viewers of the series to "adopt" a new character when
they really want to see the established ones in a seriously good flick.
It would only be worth it if they took the 88 minute window as an
opportunity to introduce a new character that would become a regular on
any future episodes of the series. I kind of always liked the idea of
having one of the Enforcer guys who maybe trained with Razor and T-Bone
become their friend, and show up as an incidental character from time to
time, yet totally unassociated with either Callie Briggs or Felina
Feral. This guy would know the identities of the guys, but stay very
much in the background except for a couple of voice over appearances in
terms of a phone call etc, and maybe a couple of times in the Enforcer
crowd shots next to Feral. Just an idea. If such a character was
created for the movie, and they wanted the movie to leave an impression,
this character could be killed off just prior to the climax of the movie
to underscore the fact that it's a "serious" flick. Anyway, early
developmental-type thoughts, I'd personally hate to develop a new
character for the specific purpose of wasting the guy for dramatic effect.

> This fall "ALL SYSTEMS ARE GO!" are on the hottest film of the fall.

     You know, this is a great title, and it's so obvious! Anyone got others?
I've just about got another 50 pages for the Tremblay's.


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