couple o' things.....

From: Ian Lynn <>
Date: Tue, 23 May 95 10:47:04 CDT

With only twenty three (now possibly 24 with the Kats Eye News), has
anyone the connections to get in a suggestion that the Cartoon Network
run a marathon (12 hrs., obviously). They did it with "The Pirates of
Darkwater" , which had to be close to 24 episodes, it seemed to be on for
almost a full day (trust me I started watching at 1:00 p.m. and before I
knew it, it was 9:00). I would think that this would be a major catapult
for the videos and game releases. If thats what they are wanting to do, help
the sales, that is.

Once again I'll pose this question, Why will Ted let the CN show "G-Force"
which is still moderately violent (The other day, a guy was thrown up against
spikes, and as he fell off there was blood on the spikes), but he can find a
bitch about SK??


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