Re: Swat Kats Movie

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Date: Tue, 23 May 1995 21:24:51 -0400 (EDT)

Sorry pal, it won't fly cause you will be concentrating on the new hero than
the SWAT Kats. Its their movie and it should be them only with the help of
the other characters and not some new hero or heroine. If thats going to be
the case then they should change the movie title to The New Hero/Heroine --
Starring the SWAT Kats. Now way, uh uh, forget it!!! If they concentrate on
your so called new hero and have the true blue radical team as a side team
then you can count me out in watching the movie. If Razor and T-Bone are not
the main characters in the movie then forget it. Besides, it will take more
time in establishing a new character and if they have to do two characters then
the movie will be slow and sluggish and definitly won't be the SWAT Kats theme
which is action. However I do agree with you about a new badguy, or better
yet, how about the SWAT Kats destroying Dark Kat and he comes back bigger,
badder, tougher, meaner, wiser, and more sinister. Work on the baises of that
all kats have 9 - lives. Everytime you knock him off he comes back stronger,
badder, wiser and etc..

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