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Date: Wed, 24 May 1995 06:30:33 -0700 (PDT)

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> Sorry pal, it won't fly cause you will be concentrating on the new hero than
> the SWAT Kats. Its their movie and it should be them only with the help of
> the other characters and not some new hero or heroine. If thats going to be

    Exactly right here. If new supporting characters on the good-guy
side are introduced here, the emphasis _must_ remain on the 'KAT guys,
and such a new character's only real purpose is to assist the development
of the story, not to focus it on other than the SwatKats. Usually, any
character that's a one-shot or a semi-regular ends up being used as a
plot device, rather than something like the "third" SwatKat (Felina Feral
in "Razor's Edge", for instance).

> the main characters in the movie then forget it. Besides, it will take more
> time in establishing a new character and if they have to do two characters then
> the movie will be slow and sluggish and definitly won't be the SWAT Kats theme

    Yup. This can be shown in microcosm with the 11 minute ep "SwatKats
Unplugged", where they tried to introduce a new villain "Chopshop". This
ep seemed "rushed" and poorly paced because they really didn't have
enough time to deal with the interaction of the 'KAT guys and a known
villain, let alone introduce and develop a new one. Even in the BTAS
movie "Mask of the Phantasm", they introduced a "new" villain, but had to
work the backstory in as part of Bruce Wayne's "old flame" history; cool
show, but had they tried to introduce the new villain as a separate
entity from Bruce's ex-gal, there wouldn't have been enough "room"
without seriously impeding the flow of the story. In the 88 minute
animated format, there is usually room for only one sub-plot, and it
can't become the most interesting part of the whole story.

> which is action. However I do agree with you about a new badguy, or
better > yet, how about the SWAT Kats destroying Dark Kat and he comes
back bigger, > badder, tougher, meaner, wiser, and more sinister. Work on
the baises of that > all kats have 9 - lives. Everytime you knock him off
he comes back stronger, > badder, wiser and etc..

     This was Lance Falk's original plan for Rexx Shard, the "Chaos in
Crystal" dude. Each time he was to be defeated by the 'KAT guys, he'd
come back a bit stronger, but with another obvious physical scar as
evidence of the previous confrontation. The third season, had it been
produced, would have had a couple of these eps.


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