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From: Andy Hill <>
Date: Sat, 6 May 1995 06:47:40 -0700 (PDT)

On Sat, 6 May 1995, Matthew b Milam wrote:

> This movie will never happen.....the fandom isn't that strong now that
> the show ia outta here. who else has look at the show that would help
> renew it.

     I couldn't let this one slide. Newsflash: Mousecorp, somewhat
disenchanted with the performance of its Afternoon stuff, is considering
curtailing or dropping out of production of Afternoon programming in
favour of Direct to Video. Reason? It makes more money. Next, people
who will get up at 4-friggin-35 a.m. to watch any show definitely fall
into the "strong fandom" category in my part of the globe. Matthew b.,
try and name another animated series, then look and see if you can find
as much positive press about it that we've seen for SwatKats in Toon,
Comics Scene, WCK (I think), and Animato! (upcoming). The problem here
isn't the "fandom", it's not the show, it's Ted Turner - but he has no
control whatsoever over a movie; he's completely out of the loop. For a
new syndicated show, 'KATS became #1 very rapidly - because it was
different from the rest of the zoo. All that has to happen is for the
Tremblay Bros. to get the financial backing to produce the flick, so if
you have any specific reasoning behind "it'll never happen", I'd like to
hear it, because it kind of clashes with everything I've heard. If
you're listening a bit too intently to Potamkin, be advised that he's
attempting to explain the whole book when he's written nothing but a
couple of pages. Christian seems to think they can do the flick well on
a start-up budget of 3 million. That sounds low to me, but in contrast,
Hollywood has just spent nearly 200 million on "WaterWorld" - with no
evidence of any kind of "fandom" strong or otherwise. The money is out
there, the fans are out there, the ideas are out there. All that's
required is for someone to paste them all together. Potamkin's not the
only bottle of glue around.


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