Re: Movie Ideas

From: Andy Hill <>
Date: Sat, 6 May 1995 06:53:20 -0700 (PDT)

On Sat, 6 May 1995, Matthew b Milam wrote:

> This movie will never happen.....the fandom isn't that strong now that
> the show ia outta here. who else has look at the show that would help
> renew it.

     Sorry, I forgot something. Guess how much of the fan group knows
it's cancelled? Give up? The only press on the cancellation comes from
Comic Scene, and the stuff all of us have written on rec.arts.animation.
I doubt that in excess of 10 percent of the viewership knows that there
aren't new eps. New people tune in all the time as well, so it's still a
current show to these folks, and when the toys 'n 'games come out they'll
be looking for them, and would also naturally want to know if a movie was
coming out. I've kind of incidentally exposed people I know to SwatKats,
and usually create an instant fan when I do - they all ask the same
questions; "why the f*** did they cancel something like this" and "when's
the movie coming out". Hmmm.


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