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I like the concept for one thing but there are some minor flaws in the story.
First of all if DarKat is screeming his lungs out then the invisable enemy is
a good guy. The way I interpret DarkKat in show is that he is the epitome of
evil. Its like this guy was working for the devil himself or he is trying to
get himself into the Devil's fan club or something. Also, DarkKat is the the
kind of character that would not really screem no matter what happends. The
only kind of screeming that he would be doing is if something goes wrong,
and/or if the SWAT Kats interfere like they always do. As for the rest of the
story sounds interesting. I love the idea that they should put in a Scardy
Kat cartoon in there as well. This will give the movie a more life like feel
of Chance's and Jake's characters when they are not out flying and saving Mega
Kat City once again. The idea of Chance having a relationship with Felina, not
a bad idea but they should do more with Turmoil first. Who knows, may-be
Trumoil's love for T-Bone is strong enough to change her evil ways for good.
Yea I know this has been done many times before but I think it would work
out decently. As for Felina, they could start showing her feelings for T-Bone
but its a hopeless cause for her due to Turmoil being around. Once Felina
sees that, she is over come with anger and fraustration and is bent on killing
Turmoil. As the story goes on she finds out that Turmoil is using T-Bone for
her evil workings to destroying Mega Kat City. This ep will be more of Felina,
T-Bone, and of course Razor will be following T-Bone's lead in all of this.
When Felina finds out at what Turmoil is trying to do she try's to tell T-Bone
about it but of course T-Bone doesn't believe Felina and the relationship
continues on. Finally we see our heroine finding the clues to prove that
Turmoil is trying to destroy the city and this time T-Bone finds out its too late and the bombs are ready to go off in one second of each other. There is no
way of disarming the bombs so Razor has a hairbrain idea of turning up the
volume on the Screemer missles and the sound frequency knocks everyone out in
the city and breaks all the windows, but it also takes care of all the bombs.
After this we see T-Bone relizing that his true love was Felina after all.
As for T-Bone falling in love with Turmoil it won't happend ever again.
T-Bone may have a really easy going nature as Chance but if you try to screw
his a second time just WATCH OUT!!! He's the type that wouldn't trust anyone
a second time unless the other kat has valid proof that he/she had to do it.
If they don't then forget it and start counting how many lives you have left
from those nine. Of course Razor will be the only exception to the rule.
As for the story with Felina and Turmoil I think it would be very interesting
cause Turmoil said she'll be back with a vengence. This way is definitly
painful especially for the good natured Chance.

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