Re: Movie Ideas

From: Matthew b Milam <>
Date: Sat, 6 May 1995 22:22:01 +0059 (EDT)

Let me explain why this won't work.

1. What age groups have watched it lately?

2. What seperates this from other shows?

3. Why save it?

Sorry for sounding doubtful but the school i go to likes X-Men they claim
X-Men has more action and less "thinking" to a certian extent they even
hate The Power Rangers (Which i happen to be a fan of).

When the show was cancelled i felt betrayed, abused, misguided. I
belived that H-B was coming back from the "Cookie-Cutter years".

I also stop having faith when i found out that compared to the Swat Kats
X-men would kill them.

This not to make you mad,,,this is a reason of concern for what might be
a lost cause. Remeber only ted has the power.


"Today on Swat Kats...........????????????) Razor-

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