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From: Ed Rudnicki <>
Date: Wed, 3 May 95 17:44:13 EDT

Andy Hill writes:
>On Mon, 1 May 1995, Ed Rudnicki wrote:
>> Your pairings are agreeable, but what about Anne Gora? She appears
>> too often to be disregarded.
> There's a fairly good reason for this, on my part at any rate, I
>didn't simply just disregrard her. I have come across a lot of "career
>women", and Ann strikes me as extremely focused (focussed?) with little
>room for romance. It's almost like she's written that way to ward off
>any attempts to integrate the female aspect of her character as some kind
>of plot device.

But what you said about Ann is also true of Felina and Callie. Both
are _very_ dedicated to their jobs. Perhaps the difference is one of
degree, but IMHO not all that much. If anything, Felina Feral is
more dedicated than Ann Gora.

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