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From: Ed Rudnicki <>
Date: Wed, 3 May 95 11:26:07 EDT

Felix Lee writes:
>Andy Hill:
>> Furry folk who have an "interest" in such characters are often
>> looked down upon by the studios, yet the character developers create
>> aspects of Callie, Felina and Ann specifically to appeal to such
>> people. Go fig.
>easy. it's called "pandering" :). (or it's rationalized that way.)
>hmm. I don't remember thinking of either Razor or T-Bone as visually
>attractive. well, they're both pretty enough, and falling in love
>with them wouldn't be hard.

Making female furries more anthropomorphized than males is the
classic indicator of "pandering". Again, the studios look down on
it, yet very deliberately do it.

BTW, what does "pretty enough" have to do with falling in love? :)
Granted, it's nice, but it wouldn't really work the other way, from
what I said in my first paragraph.

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