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From: Dana Uehara <duehara_at_cisk.atmos.Ucla.EDU>
Date: Mon, 1 May 95 17:11:57 PDT

From: Andy Hill <>
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Subject: Re: Swat Kats Love

On Mon, 1 May 1995, Ed Rudnicki wrote:

> Your pairings are agreeable, but what about Anne Gora? She appears
> too often to be disregarded.

     There's a fairly good reason for this, on my part at any rate, I
didn't simply just disregrard her. I have come across a lot of "career
women", and Ann strikes me as extremely focused (focussed?) with little
room for romance. It's almost like she's written that way to ward off
any attempts to integrate the female aspect of her character as some kind
of plot device.

> > Callie's written in there for all the .fandom people - she's quite a
> >babe for a splotch of ink and paint, though she doesn't have much to do
> >with the story, usually.

> Do you hear anyone complaining? :) I'm not a big furry fan, but I
> think of the three I like Anne Gora the best, even if she is a
> reporter :) I guess the voice has much to do with it (Candy Milo?).

     The furry.fandom thing in cartoons is self-perpetuating. Furry folk
who have an "interest" in such characters are often looked down upon by
the studios, yet the character developers create aspects of Callie,
Felina and Ann specifically to appeal to such people. Go fig. I suppose
the same could be said of Razor and T-Bone, but it's less (IMO) obvious.
As far as Furry-infatuation with the characters, I usually find it makes
the particular person interesting, not a sicko, but I know others that
hold the complete opposite opinion - they're just usually more vocal.


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