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Date: Mon, 1 May 95 16:23:00 PDT

Date: Mon, 1 May 95 19:19:22 EDT
From: Ed Rudnicki <>
Subject: Re: New Technology!

> I'm not so certain what to call the next missle. I'm not even certain of
>how it works. There may be many different versions of it. Anyhow, the missle
>would fly to its target, decelerate, and then stick to it. It would detonate
>after a set time or when Razor pushes a button. It may use some find of fast
>working superglue, a suction cup, or magnets to do this, but I can't decide
>which. It might be best to have one version of each like I suggested, but I'm
>just not certain at this point. I don't know what it would be called, or if
>the different versions should have different names, so feel free to suggest
>names for it/them.

Perhaps "Limpet Missile", since its function is identical to that of
limpet mines used against ships - stick to a target and detonate at
some later time.

Makes a hell of a threat, to know that it's there but not when it's
going to blow you up.

> Canards: Front wheel steering is used on cars becaue it much easier to
>control where the vehicle is headed rather than try and turn it from where it's
>been. As similiar thing applies to aircraft. Canards, small horizontal
>control surfaces placed ahead of the wings, are featured on high tech
>jets such as the B-1, X-29, and YF-22. It might be a good idea to include
>some type of canards on the nose of the TurboKat in addition to keeping the
>horizontal/vertical stabilizers located toward the rear. This would
>greatly increase manuverability and might allow for cushioning of bumpy air. If
>the TurboKat is the size I think it is, then canards should be trapezoids about
>one foot wide by two and a half feet long and just in front of and under the

This makes sense, as it sounds like the STOL F-15 experiment of a
few years ago, which added canards and partially vectoring nozzles
to an F-15 to improve takeoff performance. Also improves
maneuverability. The little surfaces on the B-1 are not true
canards, BTW; you may be thinking of the XB-70.

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