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> This is sort of an extension of the other post, but what the heck.
>Assuming Callie and Felina are the only two eligible females, I'd be
>tempted to pair T-Bone and Felina, and Razor with Callie. Felina strikes
Your pairings are agreeable, but what about Anne Gora? She appears
too often to be disregarded.

> Callie's written in there for all the .fandom people - she's quite a
>babe for a splotch of ink and paint, though she doesn't have much to do
>with the story, usually.
Do you hear anyone complaining? :) I'm not a big furry fan, but I
think of the three I like Anne Gora the best, even if she is a
reporter :) I guess the voice has much to do with it (Candy Milo?).
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