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From: Kevin L. Knoles <>
Date: Fri, 28 Apr 1995 22:53:47 -0500 (CDT)

    I once came up with a whole bunch of new technology for the show and I
figured I'd share it with everybody.
    It's possible that something similiar to any of these has been shown in one
of the second season episodes that I haven't seen, and if that's the case, let
me know. Anyway, here they are:

    Melter Missles: These missles are loaded with a corrosive acid. They
explode on contact and spray it all over the intended target, or they can be
set to inject the target with the acid as if they were giant hypodermics.

    The SwatKruise: This is a cruise missle (Ahem, "Kruise" missle that is.)
that can fly and manuver independently of the TurboKat. It flies according to
its artificial intelligence program on preprogrammed missions, or under the
control of Razor through virtual presence technology. It carries a gun and
some mini missles of it's own. That way it can act as a doppleganger ship
(Like in Gradius and other shoot-em-ups) if the TurboKat is busy elsewhere. If
need be, it can act as a regular missle (though that would be a bit of a waste
of it's technology), only fly much further and explode with more force.

    Lazer Missles: Like the name says, this fires a high intensity lazer in
brief bursts. It's great for cutting through stuff, or firing at numerous
rapidly moving targets.

    I'm not so certain what to call the next missle. I'm not even certain of
how it works. There may be many different versions of it. Anyhow, the missle
would fly to its target, decelerate, and then stick to it. It would detonate
after a set time or when Razor pushes a button. It may use some find of fast
working superglue, a suction cup, or magnets to do this, but I can't decide
which. It might be best to have one version of each like I suggested, but I'm
just not certain at this point. I don't know what it would be called, or if
the different versions should have different names, so feel free to suggest
names for it/them.

    Freeze Missles: Filled with supercooled liquid, these missles chill their
targets to cryogenic temperatures (kinda like negative napalm). Most monster
would be killed, machinery would cease to operate, and everything would become
as brittle as glass. Upon the introduction of it, there should be a line of
dialog about how the SWAT Kats got the idea from the LOX (Liquid Oxygen) tank
in "Destructive Nature".

    And here's some technological improvements for the TurboKat:

    Mission Adaptive Wing (MAW): I've noticed that the TurboKat has fairly
standard rectangular wing flaps that pivot at one point. These are
increasingly outdated. MAW's emulate the streamlined contuors of a bird's
wings by having the leading edge, trailing edge, or perhaps the entire length of
the wing flex according to flight control algorithims. Test have already been
conducted on experimental versions of the F-111, and results have been
positive. Manuverability is increased as is smoothness of flight and
efficiency. Since this is what fighter aircraft will have in the 21st century,
the TurboKat should have MAW's as well.

    Canards: Front wheel steering is used on cars becaue it much easier to
control where the vehicle is headed rather than try and turn it from where it's
been. As similiar thing applies to aircraft. Canards, small horizontal
control surfaces placed ahead of the wings, are featured on high tech
jets such as the B-1, X-29, and YF-22. It might be a good idea to include
some type of canards on the nose of the TurboKat in addition to keeping the
horizontal/vertical stabilizers located toward the rear. This would
greatly increase manuverability and might allow for cushioning of bumpy air. If
the TurboKat is the size I think it is, then canards should be trapezoids about
one foot wide by two and a half feet long and just in front of and under the

    In addition to the stealth technology I once mentioned earlier, I've
tossed around the idea of the TurboKat having some type of engine noise
suppression system (Possibly an antinoise device.), but that wouldn't be such
a great thing (Who wants a quiet TurboKat - Yeeeach!). Maybe the SWAT Kats
*do* have one, but they just don't use it because, like Razor said when
describing the Banshee Missles: "They sound cool."

    The Cement Machine Gun is great, but it really hangs out and probably
causes a lot of drag. For that reason, there should be a way for it to fire
through some holes while still not deployed. True, it's targeting abilities
would be greatly hampered, but it would be good to use during dogfights. The
holes would be in the side of the nosecone (looking like ovals from the side
and circles from head on.), and lead right to the barrel of the gun. When not
in use, panels would be in place to cover the holes. The holes would be wider
than the barrel to allow some very minor targeting, and to prevent cement from
gumming up the interior (Most cement slugs would paas right on through without
touching the side of the hole.). To further prevent clogging, the interiors
would be coated with teflon. When the time came to use the point the
Cement Machine Gun in a direction the TurboKat wasn't directly facing, it would
be deployed as always.

    That's all that I had written at the time. I may come up with more stuff
later, but until then, don't hesitate to make comments, suggestions, ideas of
your own, or whatever. We may just come up with an whole arsenal of new

                Kevin L. Knoles

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