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> Perhaps "Limpet Missile", since its function is identical to that of
    Sounds good to me. Limpet Missile it is.

> This makes sense, as it sounds like the STOL F-15 experiment of a
> few years ago, which added canards and partially vectoring nozzles
> to an F-15 to improve takeoff performance. Also improves
> maneuverability. The little surfaces on the B-1 are not true
> canards, BTW; you may be thinking of the XB-70.

    I haven't kept up with aviation in a few years (used to really love the
stuff). I think I may have heard about the STOL F-15, but must have forgotten
all about it. I should have known that those little things on the B-1 weren't
Canards since I own "The Great Book of Modern Warplanes" which has a chapter
devoted to it. My memory must be going for me to have forgotten about the
X-B70 (Six engines called the Six Pack could push it to Mach 3.5, WoW!). Those
canards are about the right shape, though way too big for the TurboKat even when
proportion is considered.
    Just thought of a cool scene from a future episode:

    We're at a "camera" angle looking at the TurboKat at a 30 some degree
angle from it's centerline. The nose is looming huge in our face and T-Bone
and Razor are plainly visible in the cockpit while the background fades
back and blurrs off. T-Bone yanks back on the stick, the canards pivot
accordingly and the TurboKat spins on the axis of its wings in response. We
see its underbelly fly right over us. *That* would look cool.

            Kevin L. Knoles

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