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Andy Hill wrote:
> The furry.fandom thing in cartoons is self-perpetuating. Furry folk
>who have an "interest" in such characters are often looked down upon by
>the studios, yet the character developers create aspects of Callie,
>Felina and Ann specifically to appeal to such people.

That's because a lot of the people doing this stuff are "furry"-fans,
themselves. And, yes, they're often looked down upon by their co-
workers. In fact, I'm told that any artist who gets the "furry" label
stuck on them can have a hard time in the industry.

And often this attitude is very hypocritical. An acquaintence of mine
who was a production manager at one studio told me of one of his
co-workers, an animation director who was constantly down on anything
"furry." Yet this same fellow would come in on weekends in order to get
a female character he was working on to "look just right."


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