"We're havin' a bad vehicle day, bud..."

From: Andy Hill <chance_at_unix.infoserve.net>
Date: Wed, 26 Apr 1995 08:28:47 -0700 (PDT)

On Wed, 26 Apr 1995 fayxx001_at_maroon.tc.umn.edu wrote:

> This was one of my favorites, which I like to call the "Aztec Mummy"
> episode. It also has one of my favorite lines. After the TurboKat

     I haven't seen it yet, unscrambled that is, but its on my new tape
from someone, so I'll catch it tonight...

> is damaged and their turbo-cycle gets sliced up in the pyramid, Razor
> comments to T-Bone, "We're having a bad vehicle day, bud!" I feel
> like that sometimes myself. :)

     Heh. A few buds and myself rent out military vehicles to movies, and
one day almost nothing would run properly, and I remember saying
something very similar, though I think Razor is perhaps more polite than
I was.


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