Re: "A Deadly Pyramid" -- how deadly?

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Date: Wed, 26 Apr 95 10:12:28 -0500

Dana writes:
>I rewatched the episode and noticed this (but you really have to look
>to see it, because you're seeing the view through Razor's visor, which
>is itself dim). *However*, this doesn't mean there still isn't death
>in the series; the bus is smashed into one of the Enforcer choppers,
>which in turn explodes. Most likely the chopper wasn't hovering there
>by remote control (in other words, *somebody* had to be piloting it) --
>and certainly nobody would have had time to evacuate in the few seconds
>it took for the mummy to throw the bus at the chopper.

One of the mummies also grabbed an Enforcer 'copter and tossed it into
the side of a cliff. I didn't see any parachutes from that one! :)

This was one of my favorites, which I like to call the "Aztec Mummy"
episode. It also has one of my favorite lines. After the TurboKat
is damaged and their turbo-cycle gets sliced up in the pyramid, Razor
comments to T-Bone, "We're having a bad vehicle day, bud!" I feel
like that sometimes myself. :)


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