Re: "A Deadly Pyramid" -- how deadly?

From: Ian Lynn <>
Date: Wed, 26 Apr 95 10:08:40 CDT

> If that Enforcer got out, I'd be amazed, but another example is
>"Unlikely Alloys", Enforcer tanks got crushed flat, and more than a few
>choppers, airborne and piloted, got destroyed with no one hitting the silk.

I guess it's kinda like the G.I. Joe theory, a plane would get blown up and as
comes crashing to the ground, the pilot with chute deployed would come floating
to the ground.

I still get peaved about this anti-violence crappola. We, who grew up in the
'70's and early '80's, survived seeing Wiley smacking the ground with out too many
adverse effects. That's where my appreciation for Japanese anime developed,
they aren't afraid to show a little real life. That's whyt I'm surprised Turner
lets G-force on the Cartoon Network. Granted, its a watered down version of the
original, but they still blantantly show death on the show.

Vent the anger--

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