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Date: Wed, 26 Apr 1995 08:24:03 -0700 (PDT)

     Some kind soul, part of our list, forwarded a tape containing a few
eps, one of which was "Unlikely Alloys". First off, I have never seen a
second season episode unscrambled - you can hear all the dialogue, and
kind of make out the picture, but can't really appreciate the artwork
because it's kind of "inverted" and wavy.

     I watched this unscrambled on the tape, and I found it really hard
to breathe and watch at the same time - a tough feat with your mouth
hanging open the whole time, awestruck. Holy sh**, I couldn't believe it!
I thought some of the first season Mook stuff was outstanding, but
this...this stuff, is going to earn Turner a few more letters. I don't
know how many people have seen it, but look how the character models
changed from the first season - they're a lot more anime, and a lot more
"edgy" and "angular". This process started in "Razor's Edge", but was
refined to an incredible extent by this ep, the last one completed. My
only complaint is, the characters were so rigidly "on-model", that the
faces lost some of the expressivity of the first season eps, in the
attempt to keep them looking "cool" and "mean" (T-Bone looks like he
dropped a few pounds between seasons, too - few less nachos I suspect).

     The "Zed" creature was as good as anything I've seen in anime, and
the explosion when the mountainside was taken out was nothing short of
incredible. Check out the scene where Feral leans in toward T-Bone, and
T-Bone says:

        "You're not going to pin this one on us..."

and Feral replies, as he turns away,

        "Actually, I was going to thank you, but I've changed my mind..."

     Feral's expression and body language is priceless, as is Razor's in
the same scene. Goddamn, killing this show redefines the word "stupid"!

Andy (sorry for "gushing", but TV has lacked this kind of stuff for so long,
        I'd forgotten what I'd been missing...)

     "His biography said he bumped his butt 'cuz he ate too much sugar...
        ....it's SAD (really)..." - Slappy Squirrel, "Bumbie's Mom" ANIMX
     "We have a mission Ann, down these mean skies, a 'KAT must fly...
                 ...we wanna be the good guys..."

      (Thanks Lance. Some of us got the reference - eventually!)

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