Re: Complex is hard in 22 mins, but 44?

From: Andy Hill <>
Date: Wed, 26 Apr 1995 07:43:01 -0700 (PDT)

On Wed, 26 Apr 1995, Felix Lee wrote:

> well, The Simpsons manages to do pretty complex things in 22 mins.
> but I guess satire and comedy are easier to dense-pack than drama..

     Yep, exactly. Comedy stuff is normally a string of jokes, funny
unto themselves, that follow a central thread in the particular episode
or that run concurrently in the series. SwatKats has some of these
threads, like the Feral/'KAT guys antagonism, the "personal" history with
their involvement with DarkKat, etc. but comedy doesn't require the
complex setups you need in ac/adv - which sometimes eat up 30 percent of
the show.

> Andy Hill:
> > "Turmoil 2" was going to extend this further - that would've been an
> > episode and a half - and would've given you all the "complex" you
> > could handle! Maybe I can get a script off someone, hmmm...

     This may be one of the ones I'm getting in the mail, don't know.

> that would be cool. please try. (and I promise to read your fanfic
> once I prune my emailbox down to manageable size :)

     Heh! I've got almost 30 msgs a day sometimes, I know a lot of people
who haven't read it either. Not everyone's into fanfic, either - so its
no big deal if people don't read the thing, I won't be pissed off or

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