Re: Stuph, morbid and non-morbid...

From: Andy Hill <>
Date: Wed, 26 Apr 1995 07:55:41 -0700 (PDT)

> Excellent observations, Andy! You're also right about the possibility of
> having the SWAT Kats continue to defend the city while in custody. (Side
> note: It seems morbid indeed to me that the saviors of the city might be
> executed someday--but it's not without precedent.)

     Why, thank you! No, its not without precedent. I think that
scenario would make a fine story idea, too.

> Fortunately for the SWAT Kats and the city, nobody seems to have been hurt,
> though. They're still flying freely, even if not on our TVs...

     More on this, from someone who's doing the 'KATS article for Animato.
Word of warning: none of this should be repeated to ANY newsgroup,
regardless of how "secure" you consider it.

     The posts to r.a.a. (including some of my more, well..."direct"
ones) and a lot of the mail to Turner Group and Hanna-Barbera has been
very sharp in it's criticism on Turner Group regarding the shows
cancellation, and in the same breath has heaped praise on the show.
"Damage Control" is starting at Turner, and everyone is clamming up
concerning the show (Victoria McCollum's change in "note" was
interesting, but I didn't think anything of it until day before yesterday).
Anyway, this article of my Ohio friend's has been in development for
awhile, and he'd earlier obtained quotes from Davis Doi, the producer,
and Chris Zimmerman (voices production, I think). He called H-B up at
the last minute to make sure he could attribute the quotes to them, and
they said:

        "um...(name)...we really wish you wouldn't..."

     Turns out, that because of the mail and the posts, Hanna-Barbera
and Turner Group believe, mistakenly, that this article will echo some of
the sentiments expressed on Internet and the fan-mail box. They asked
for a copy of the article to be forwarded to their PR person, not to
suggest changes, just to ensure it doesn't torch Turner Group to the
point someone may lose their job. Get the idea that someone is
scratching the fur behind their ears going "oops...I think we made a

     Again, I wasn't asked not to repeat any of that, but Turner
Corporate and Hanna-Barbera seem to be a bit unhappy with eachother, and
there's a reason I've tried to keep all the blame fully resting in the
lap of Turner Group - that's where it belongs. So, keep it off the groups
please, lest it reflect badly on H-B.


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