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> Jonathan Higa writes:
> > I don't know much about Lieutenant Felina Feral, except that she's a
> > "good shot" (Mutation City). I have the impression that she's supposed
> > to be one of the best Enforcers, the Commander's objections
> > notwithstanding.
> Actually, even the Commander respects his niece, and it's not just
> because she's his niece (tho that is part of it). He once said, "I
> oughta throw that niece of mine off the force, except my brother would
> never speak to me again... and she's too good an Enforcer!"
> I remember some discussion coming up on rec.arts.animation about how
> someone thought that Felina was "too PC for me"... and I'm still wondering
> how Felina is PC (politically correct, for those of you who don't like
> acronyms).

Easy (he said, starting to veer off the subject): some people figure that if
any show is putting a womanor minority in a position of power, it *must* be
due to PC influences.
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