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> On Tue, 18 Apr 1995, Doctor Enigma wrote:
> > Actually, one of the first comments I made after seeing SWAT Kats was that
> > it's a very male show. Lots of hard hitting action, loudness, and machismo.
> > Anyone agree?
> Whether I agree will depend on whether the definition of "male" is
> "containing lots of hard-hitting action, loudness, and machismo." Last
> time I checked, women were permitted into the military and perform the
> same great service to our country in active combat as perform men.
> Ah, I know. I must be misinterpreting the post. In the SWAT Kats world,
> he means that only males are permitted to be public defenders. Oh, no,
> wait, that's not right--Felina Feral's there. Hm. I guess I'm just an
> idiot; I can't figure out what he really meant.

You are. First of all, I suppose I should have included a smiley, though I
was only half-kidding. Second, I didn't say anything about women and action
being incompatible. Kats' female characters are among my favourite in
action cartoons.

What I am saying is that there are certain traits relating to ego, macho,
and testosterone-induced head-butting that are generally considered male.
Not that females don't have the same traits, just that they tend to be
expressed differently. I find that SWAT Kats leans heavily towards the
"male" expression of those traits.
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