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Date: Tue, 18 Apr 1995 06:27:38 -0700 (PDT)

    Okay, so she's the better date...I have the better wire service.

"Hudson Soft" reports that the SNES game of SwatKats will be out in
June. The syndication package of SK eps for 1995 evidently includes all
the second season eps, so we should get to see all of them on TBS and
affiliates before T.T. does anything stupid. I really have to call TBS
and ask them when they plan to drop it off the air - I'd earlier heard
"July", but that makes no sense if the toys are coming out in August
('course, it made no sense to cancel the show either...)

     I caught "Cry Turmoil" and "SwatKats Unplugged" (scrambled, of
course) and got some nifty information regarding both eps off the phone.

     "Cry Turmoil" was initially supposed to be a focus ep for the
character of Cmdr. Feral, who was slated for the slot T-Bone occupied in
the version that made it to television. The plot was supposed to be much
similar, but Lance Falk (the writer of the ep) wanted to have a
discouraged Feral actually considering joining Turmoil because his hatred
of the SwatKats was supposedly stronger than his loyalty to MegaKat
City. Razor and T-Bone were to vanquish Turmoil approaching the ep's
conclusion, and catch Feral in a compromising position, at which point he
would have stated Turmoil's capture was "his plan all along". This
follows Lance's theme of "character development", as he felt Feral could
be less than an upright/uptight defender of truth and justice if the
circumstances were right.

     An executive at H-B shot down the original script, explaining that
the "show was about the KAT-guys, and no one was interested in the other
characters" (or similar). Lance re-wrote it, and it appeared as we (some
of us, anyway) saw it. Lance wasn't extremely pleased when he saw the
final product.

     "SwatKats Unplugged" had an interesting bit of trivia as well.
After bringing down a villain in the earlier part of the short, Ann Gora
talks to T-Bone and Razor shortly after landing. T-Bone's statement
sounded like it was fresh out of a bad 1940's "private eye" flick:

        "we have a mission Ann, down these mean skies, a 'KAT must fly -
we wanna be the good guys..."

     Actually, it was out of the '40's, it's a paraphrase of an evidently
famous line from a Raymond Chandler private eye novel...Lance threw it in
for yuks. Can you say "crossover audience", Ted T.?)

     Last, got the scoop on the good "Doctor" from an earlier post.
Lance told pretty much the identical story, so you can bet the Tremblay
brothers will remember. I've received permission to relay it to them,
I'll print the response if they agree.

(disclaimer: most of above relayed by another, I've not spoken to Lance


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