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Date: Mon, 17 Apr 95 23:50:02 PDT

Jonathan Higa writes:
> I don't know much about Lieutenant Felina Feral, except that she's a
> "good shot" (Mutation City). I have the impression that she's supposed
> to be one of the best Enforcers, the Commander's objections
> notwithstanding.

Actually, even the Commander respects his niece, and it's not just
because she's his niece (tho that is part of it). He once said, "I
oughta throw that niece of mine off the force, except my brother would
never speak to me again... and she's too good an Enforcer!"

I remember some discussion coming up on rec.arts.animation about how
someone thought that Felina was "too PC for me"... and I'm still wondering
how Felina is PC (politically correct, for those of you who don't like

> I'm such an obnoxious brat)

No comment. ;-)

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