Fanfic: "SwatKats Unmasked?"

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(This is written as though it takes place between eps, rather than an
episode in its own right. I've used Lt. Steel from the first season
because I was interested in his backstory, and wanted to extend his
character/situation as set up in "Wrath of Dark Kat", which this would
take place shortly after. There is likely going to be four parts, of
which this is the first. If you're not a big fanfiction addict - e-me
and I'll try drop you out of the loop.)


     The sounds of hammering, drilling and welding emanated from the
hangar beneath the garage. T-Bone turned up the televison to drown it
out. As much as he liked leading the life of a "hero", T-Bone had always
felt that a SwatKat needed his down-time, and on this particular evening
"down-time" took the form of a "Scaredy Kat" marathon on MBS, a bag or
three of nachos, and both feet on the coffee table. T-Bone turned the TV
up another notch, in a vain attempt to keep pace with Razor's hammering
in the hangar below. Six hours of "Scaredy Kat" had passed in no time,
and Razor's "never-miss" program was up next in the form of "David

        "RAZOR! LITTERBIN'S ON....YOU COMIN?" shouted T-Bone, attempting to
outdo both the television and the noise of Razor's tools.

        "RAZOR?..." T-Bone walked over to the ladder that descended into
the hangar and leaned down, cupping his hands in front of his face in a
futile effort to be heard over the din below.


     He climbed down the ladder into the hangar, and soon had to put his
fingers in his ears to block out the noise of the welder. Underneath the
TurboKat, a pair of feet and a shower of sparks was all that could be
seen of Razor. T-Bone walked over to the power receptacle and yanked out
the welder's power cord, unable to stand the noise any further.

        "Aww...CRUD, must've blown a fuse" came a voice muffled by layers
of protective apparatus from beneath the TurboKat. T-Bone grabbed
Razor's feet, pulling him and the mechanic's dolly he was on clear of the
TurboKat's fuselage.

        "Hey Chance! What's the big idea? I was in the middle of...."

        "You know what they say buddy..." started T-Bone, dangling the end
of the welder's cord in front of Razor's nose, "...all work and no play
makes Razor a dull cat. Litterbin's on."

     Razor removed his mask and goggles, stepping back to admire his
afternoon's work. The TurboKat looked no different to T-Bone, certainly
not different enough to account for an entire afternoon better spent
watching "Scaredy Kat" and wolfing nachos.

        "Watcha been doin' for six hours - the TurboKat looks exactly the
         same as always..."

     Razor was both proud and disgusted at the same time, though he
realized that what he'd been working on wouldn't be evident to someone
casually examining the jet's exterior.

        "I modified the engines; we should get 30 percent more thrust for
         the same burn ratio. I'm also working on a wireless throttle control
         system for the TurboKat's engines, so the next time we get shot full
         of holes by the likes of Dark Crud we won't have to worry about cut

        " know how I feel about unnecessary mods, there wasn't
         anything wrong with the engines just the way they were. Just like
         my old man used to say, 'If it ain't broke...."

        "...'don't fix it', yeah, yeah." Razor produced a small box with
a single red button in the middle, took a last look around the hangar and
pressed it. The engines on the TurboKat roared to life, producing a
tornado of dust and debris throughout the hangar. The plane lurched and
swayed against its restraints, then fell silent as Razor pressed the
button yet again. Razor looked at T-Bone with the ear-to-ear grin of a
kid with a good report card. T-Bone gave a cautious "thumbs up", then
took the control box away from Razor and expertly tossed it into the
TurboKat's cockpit - putting both hands on Razor's shoulders and marching
him towards the ladder.

        "C'mon buddy, you can finish up tomorrow - maybe if we're lucky
         Litterbin will drop Feral from the ten-storey building tonight.."

     Though the two had markedly different personalities, they
complemented each other like left and right halves of the same whole;
much like a pair of shoes - each different in some respects, yet an
obvious pair nevertheless. "David Litterbin" had not yet started, for
the face of Ann Gora filled the screen covering preparations for the
MegaKat City "Founder's Day" celebrations which would begin the following

        " addition to the events from last year, there will be a free
         circus performance, including the largest collection of jungle
         animals MegaKat City has ever seen. The event will take place
         in the City Square, immediately after the opening address by
         Mayor Manx...", screamed the television, still at the audio
         level T-Bone had left it.

        "Yeah," said Razor,"..if anyone's still awake." T-Bone grabbed
the remote, and lowered the audio to a reasonable level, reflecting on
how choked the narrow streets of the downtown core would be with
festival-goers. Mayor Manx attracted crowds like fur attracted fleas,
and neither he nor Razor enjoyed the claustrophobic atmoshpere of such

        "Let's avoid it, shall we?", said T-Bone, with Razor nodding
         acknowledgement through a mouthful of nachos.

        "Callie says that Steel is going to be doing crowd control, Feral's
         out of town", mumbled Razor, chip fragments flying towards the TV.

        "That outta be good...Steel couldn't organize night after day. What's
         left to do on the TurboKat?"

     Razor thought for a moment, swallowed the remaining chips, and
suddenly remembered that the cable for the grappling hook was looking a
little the worse for wear.

        "Um...better get me up early buddy, I should do something with
         that cable before we need to use it again, it's in rough shape."

     They never got to see whether or not Litterbin did indeed drop Feral
from the ten-storey building, both fell asleep where they sat.


     "His biography said he bumped his butt 'cuz he ate too much sugar... said,really..." - Slappy Squirrel, "Bumbie's Mom" ANIMX

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