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From: Dan <>
Date: Fri, 29 Mar 1996 12:32:24 -0800

        Hi, Guys,
        I was looking in a game magizine and I saw info about the Sonic
cartoon from Japan. It starts like this: (prepare to be shocked)

        Sonic has made his Japanese animated debut, to remind us once again
how american cartoons have bad graphics. the U.S. Sonic Sat. morning
cartoon has been canceled (unfortunately,) but it would definitely be around
today if it was as good as the Japanese counterpart. The Japanese Sonic is
a rentar-only OVA, (the first of hopefully many) so the animation is much
cleaner than you could ever expect from a TV show, but the characters"
on-screen presence is what makes Sonic so cool. It's like playing the game,
but in anime form. Or something.
        Since it's only 27 minutes (part 1 of...?), there's not too much to
say about Sonic. Sonic and Tails are out to save the president, who's been
kidnapped by arch-villain Dr. Eggman (Robotnik in the U.S. version). So,
they run off to Eggworld, fight some minor enemies, fight a boss, meet
Knuckles, and then volume 1's over. It doesn't sound like much, but it's a
heck of a trip, and the pace is as fast as Sonic himself. Though Sonic
sounds a bit gruff, the voice actors are pretty cool, and the new charecter,
Sarah (the president's daughter), is a nice addition to the cast.
        Slim through the possibility is, Sega might one day bring the series
here, but until then, enjoy some shots of what a video game-based cartoon
should be.......

        Whoa! Talk about weird, huh? I have those shots, by the the way,
and when I get a chance, will scan them so everybody can see them. And no,
Princess Sally, Bunnie, and Knothole are not in the cartoon. "Boooo."
Guys, does any one know if there is an AMERICAN Sonic movie coming out that
goes along with the REAL story?

        -Chris Flinn
        A net Freedom Fighter for Mobius
        (I will probably get a lot of replies on this)

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