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-> Kevin -
-> Did you think the KNUCKLES story was geared toward a younger
-> readership? When we turned the script in for #35, we honestly
-> thought we were going to be asked to tone it down. If anything,
-> things get more intense as the story progresses. I've seen a make
-> ready proof on KNUCKLES #1, and Art Mawhinney has turned in a SUPER
-> job. This book moves into high-gear from the first page.
-> I normally don't debate reviews on my work, but if Mike and I are
-> going to take razzies from the readers on this one, we'd at least
-> like to hear your reasons for dissatisfaction. Thanks.
-> Ken Penders
    Well, I LIKED the Knuckles story. (Nice to see that Robotnik isn't
the only howling mad scientist in the history of Mobius.) It's getting
pretty intense, there.
    The Sonic lead-in was OK, too (even though I ain't a fan of Manak's
artwork), but the argument about the rings is pretty acurate. I put it
through a computer, and determined that assuming Sonic is 16, never
sleeps, eats, or anything else-- just grabs rings-- he will have to grab
roughly 47.5 rings every SECOND. He's fast, but he ain't THAT fast...
    In other words, nice story, bad math. Oh, well...

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